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Nov 25, 2012 1:30am PST
? well, 3-1/2 years ago, i first began using my radio frequency dermawand. why? because it delivers real results. and talk about results. here's a picture of dermawand's developer, christina boves. to prove it worked, she used it on just one side of her face for 12 weeks. look how the eyebrow appears to have lifted and the bags, the lines, the folds and wrinkles all around the eye area appear greatly diminished. the laugh line appears minimized and cheek puffiness also appears visibly reduced. even pore size looks smaller. the side treated with the dermawand clearly shows a more rejuvenated appearance and looks more lifted, toned and tightened. this picture was taken when she was 42. now here's christina today, 16 years later ,with no surgical facelifts, looking tight, lifted and absolutely great... at 58! and you too can get fabulous results in your very own home with the dermawand. we're so confident that dermawand will work for you, we're going to show you live the type of results that the dermawand can deliver. and here to help us is dermawand skin care specialist stella riches. >> t
Nov 4, 2012 1:30am PDT
. >> hello and welcome to update news. >> thank you for joining us. san jose state's football team a winning season this year. the fans are coming to the stadium but not necessarily to watch the football game. lexi? >> that's right, tyler. you'd think a winning season mes rushing in to spartans stadium. as i've learned, that's not the case. football is not the only reason fans come to spartan stadium on saturdays. students like katie dunn go for the tailgate. >> i don't know, i feel like everyone is having a better time at the tailgate. when not a lot of people go it's not as much fun. >> that's exactly what spartan football is lacking, the support. sophomore john wearing a beer helmet says even if he does go in, he won't stay for the full game. >> oh, absolutely. every time at halftime i get wao tired and i have to pass out and go to sleep. >> some students say they're more interested in drinking hard alcohol, beer, and listening to music than cheering on their spartans. >> the more people that drink, the more of a possibility someone may use bad judgment, may get hurt or injured or suffer
Nov 11, 2012 1:30am PST
'm tim vantress... thanks for joining us. the passage of prop 30 would appear to be a cause for celebration...csu students will be getting tuition refunds but as briana villalobos reports this wasn't the case. ">>>students at san jose state protested at the president's office regarding three new fee proposals that are coming up in the november 13th and 14th board of trustees meeting. "we're a little bit confused why should our fees be going up if prop 30 just passed? we're tryna get more money from the state. we just had this new source of income, but for some reason it's still necessary to raise our fees even more." the csu chancellor proposed three new fees in september that could potentially crutch students by insinuating that super seniors and those retaking courses are gaming and abusing the system. "students go through tough times. so i failed a class way back inthe day and that wasn't me gaming the system. what was i supposed to say, i failed calculus 2 jokes on you csu. it doesn't make any sense and the fact that the chancellor's throwing out these arguments just sho
Nov 18, 2012 1:30am PST
bejan... thanks for joining us. update news has learned that over half of the emergency telephones .... with a direct connection to police are out of order. and at this point no one in charge of this vital network of blue light poles can tell us when they'll be fixed. tim vantress is following the story ... he's on campus for more, tim? these blue lights have been around for over a decade, providing instant contact with the police in case something goes wrong. but now ... about one out of every two of these lifelines are not working. ">>>this is just one of the 12 blue light phones on campus ... that are not working. u-p-d works with campus staff to monitor the 23 blue lights to keep them up and running. but media relations director pat lopes harris says the poles are aging and they take beating from wet weather. "over time, there is definitely wear and tear, there is definitely changes in technology. our campus has tried very hard to keep these phones in working order." the importance of keeping the blue lights working was evident last saturday morning, when two of them were activ
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4